I Survived Domestic Violence

I was abused, it wasn’t fair

I had to get out, I left before dawn

I finally got a divorce

I still see a therapist

Even on the eve of my divorce I still held on to a lot of anger

My fist WIDTH post is because I have survived and will no longer abuse myself

On April 10, 2011 my ex, who was convicted of sexually assaulting me in 2006 and who hasn’t been part of the lives of his children in 6 years, decided that he wanted them to ‘benefit’ from a relationship with him and his new fiancee and their little blended family of children.

This blog isn’t just about fighting my way into a gorgeous white dress. This blog isn’t just about fighting my way to a healthier body. This blog is about fighting for my safety, for the safety and best interests of my children and about fiancee B, who holds my hand the whole way. This blog is about how I get my life back after domestic abuse.

Thank you for reading our story.

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