W.I.D.T.H. 365 Days

Day 1 – Because walking away from domestic violence is pointless if I’m going to abuse my body and slowly eat myself to death.

Day 2 – Because I want to meet their grandchildren like my own grandmothers did.

Day 3 – Maybe Baby… but not right now

Day 4 – Because every step I take is one step closer to my goal.

Day 5 – Because I want to look good on my wedding day

Day 6 – Because 50lbs lost feels fantastic…

Day 7 – Because -20C is really effing cold and I’d like to wear snow pants next year

Day 8 – Because these feet are made for dancing

Day 9 – Because my ring fits again

Day 10 – Because I deserve to feel like a rockstar in this dress

Day 11 – Because I’m not afraid to cook

Day 12 – Because 20 years of hating my body is 20 years too many

Day 13 – Because buying a bathing suit in a clothing store *not* aimed at women over size 16 would be lovely.

Day 14 – Because my slothy reminder of days of laze has reminded me that staying up and fit is the far better option for living

1 Response to W.I.D.T.H. 365 Days

  1. I hope that you will find the time to check out my blog… I am in need of support, and I have come across your page through priorfatgirl.com….
    You are (even though you may not know me) an inspiration!

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